New England Patriots Fantasy Football Names

Choosing the perfect Patriots fantasy football name can be a tough call. With an iconic team like The New England Patriots, creativity and humor are essential in standing out from the crowd.

This blog post will provide you with a hefty roster of puns, plays on words, and inside jokes only true fans would appreciate to elevate your fantasy football game. Ready for some gridiron-inspired wit? Let’s dive in!

Classic Patriots Fantasy Football Names

Get ready to kick off your fantasy football season with these classic Patriots-themed team names that will show your love for the New England dynasty.

  • Brady’s Bunch
  • Gronk & Roll
  • Belichick’s Brainiacs
  • Edelman’s Elite
  • Mac Attack
  • Cam’s Commandos
  • Patriots Dynasty
  • Hightower Heroes
  • Gilmore’s Guardians
  • White Lightning
  • Byrd Watchers
  • N’Keal Before Me
  • Newton’s Nemeses
  • Patriots Patsies
  • Hunter’s Hunted
  • Ag-OLD-or
  • Bolden Brutes
  • Winovich Warriors
  • Slater’s Specials
  • Harry’s Hooligans
  • Pats’ Patrons
  • Stevenson’s Soldiers
  • McCourty Mavericks
  • Bailey’s Bombers
  • New England Gridiron Gang

Belichick Yourself

In the realm of Patriots fantasy football names, “Belichick Yourself” is a faithful tribute to the iconic New England Patriots Coach Bill Belichick. A play on words combining his name with an edgy prompt, this moniker captures the competitive spirit expected in fantasy football leagues.

It’s a powerful choice for fans who admire Belichick’s no-nonsense attitude and strategic maneuvers on the field — cleverly implying that others should ‘check’ their strategies against your team.

This classic team name resonates boldly and will set you apart from your competitors while displaying great admiration for a living legend in the football world.

Newton’s Laws of Motion

Looking for a clever and punny fantasy football name that pays homage to the New England Patriots? Look no further than “Newton’s Laws of Motion.” This creative team name is a nod to the team’s star quarterback, Cam Newton, and the famous science laws developed by Sir Isaac Newton.

With his dynamic playing style and ability to create explosive plays, Newton can certainly be seen as a force of motion on the field. Embrace your inner scientist while showing off your love for football and physics with this catchy fantasy team name.

Krafty Like a Fox

One classic Patriots fantasy football name is “Krafty Like a Fox.” This name is a clever play on words that incorporates the last name of team owner Robert Kraft. It showcases his strategic and cunning nature, often attributed to his success in the NFL.

Using this fantasy football team name adds a fun and witty element to your roster while still paying homage to the New England Patriots. So if you want to show off your smarts and wit in your league, consider going with “Krafty Like a Fox” as your team name.

PSI Love You

“PSI Love You” is a clever and humorous fantasy football team name that pays tribute to the infamous “Deflategate” scandal involving the New England Patriots. The team name is a play on the phrase “P.S.

I Love You,” with PSI standing for pounds per square inch, which refers to the air pressure of a football. This name showcases your knowledge of Patriots history and injects some light-hearted fun into your fantasy football league.

It’s sure to make fellow fans and competitors chuckle when they see it on the leaderboard.

Ladies and Edelman

Ladies and Edelman is a clever and witty fantasy football team name that pays homage to Julian Edelman, one of the New England Patriots’ most beloved wide receivers. This name combines the idea of female fans with Edelman’s last name to create a playful and memorable team moniker.

It’s a great choice for any Patriots fan looking to showcase their support while adding a touch of humor to their fantasy football experience. So if you’re searching for a fun and unique team name that celebrates both the Patriots and their star receiver, look no further than Ladies and Edelman.

Donta’s Inferno

Donta’s Inferno is a clever and punny fantasy football team name that pays homage to former Patriots player Dont’a Hightower. This name combines his first name with Dante’s Inferno, the classic literary work by Dante Alighieri.

It perfectly captures the intensity and fiery nature of Hightower’s playing style on the field. Whether you’re a New England Patriots fan or simply looking for a unique and memorable fantasy football team name, Donta’s Inferno will stand out.

So channel your inner fire with this creative team name that showcases your love for the game and all things Patriots.

Best and Funny New England Patriots Fantasy Football Names

Looking for the best and funniest fantasy football names for your New England Patriots-themed team? Look no further! We’ve compiled a list of hilarious and creative options to make you stand out in your league.

From puns on player names to clever references to the team’s history, these names will bring some laughs.

One popular choice is “Brady Bunch,” which pays tribute to legendary quarterback Tom Brady and his impressive Super Bowl wins. Another option is “Gronk Spikes,” inspired by the exuberant touchdown celebrations of former tight end Rob Gronkowski.

If you’re patriotic, you could go with “Revolutionary Receptions” or “Patriot Powerhouse.” And for those who enjoy wordplay, how about “Edelmania” or “Belichick’s Brainiacs”?

  • Brady’s Bunch of Touchdowns
  • Belichick’s Brainiacs
  • Mac Attack and Cheese
  • Gronk’s Spike-tacular Squad
  • Cam You Dig It?
  • Edelman’s Electric Elves
  • Hogan’s Heroes
  • The Burkhead Boppers
  • The Sony Sidekicks
  • White and Wonderful
  • The Hightower Hooligans
  • Jules’ Juggling Act
  • Amandolphins
  • Harry Potter and the Fantasy Points
  • Van Noy’s Venomous Vipers
  • Folk It Till You Win It
  • Bolden the Beautiful
  • Ghost-ly Goal Line Stand
  • Izzo-licious End Zone Celebration
  • Asiasi-nara Suckers
  • Winovich Wrecking Crew
  • The Old Man and the Sea(hawks)
  • Meyers’ Magic Show
  • Dugger’s Digging for Interceptions

With these funny and creative New England Patriots fantasy football names, you will surely have a team name that stands out. So grab your drafting board and prepare for an epic season filled with touchdowns and victories!

Bill Belichick Fantasy Names

As the mastermind behind the New England Patriots’ success, Bill Belichick has become a legendary figure in the football world. Unsurprisingly, his name inspires some fantastic fantasy football team names.

If you want to pay homage to this coaching genius with your fantasy team name, we’ve got you covered. Here are a few Bill Belichick-inspired options:

  • “Belichick Dynasty”: This name subtly references Belichick’s last name and unparalleled success in building an NFL dynasty with the Patriots.
  • “The Hoodie Heroes”: The famous hoodie worn by Belichick on game days has become iconic in itself. Show your appreciation for his style and leadership with this catchy team name.
  • “Bill’s Brain Trust”: Acknowledge Belichick’s incredible football IQ and strategic brilliance with this clever team name.
  • “Gridiron Genius”: Celebrate Belichick’s reputation as one of the greatest minds in football history by adopting this mighty team moniker.

Remember, when selecting a fantasy football team name, it should be fun and clever and reflect your admiration for either Bill Belichick or other New England Patriots organization aspects.

Embrace your creativity while paying tribute to one of the most successful coaches ever!

Rob Gronkowski Names

Rob Gronkowski, also known as “Gronk,” is one of the most dominant and entertaining tight ends to ever play in the NFL. His larger-than-life personality and on-field antics have made him a fan favorite, so it’s no surprise that fantasy football team owners love coming up with clever and funny names inspired by Gronk.

Here are some Rob Gronkowski-themed fantasy football names that will make your opponents laugh:.

  • “Gronkey Kong”: A nod to both Gronk’s incredible athleticism and the classic video game character.
  • “Unleash the Frankenstein”: This name pays homage to Frankenstein while highlighting Gronk’s monstrous skills on the field.
  • “Gronkadonka Donks”: A playful twist on words that combines Gronk’s name with a catchy rhyme.
  • “InGronkito Mode”: Inspired by his famous catchphrase, this name showcases Gronk’s ability to dominate when switching to high gear.
  • “The GRONKowski Show”: Highlighting his charismatic personality, this name suggests that owning him on your fantasy team guarantees entertainment every week.

These names capture the essence of Rob Gronkowski and show off your creativity as a fantasy football team owner. So go ahead and channel your inner-Gronk with these fun team names!

Julian Edelman Fantasy Football Names

Julian Edelman, known for his incredible catches and clutch performances, is a favorite among fantasy football enthusiasts. There are plenty of creative options when naming your fantasy team after this New England Patriots wide receiver.

Show off your love for Edelman with these catchy and clever fantasy football names.

  • “Jules Rules the Field”: Highlighting Julian Edelman’s dominance on the gridiron, this name pays tribute to his exceptional skills as a receiver.
  • “Edelmania”: Capture the excitement and energy surrounding Julian Edelman’s electrifying playing style with this fun and energetic team name.
  • “Edel-Godman”: Combining Julian Edelman’s last name with Superman, this playful team name showcases his superhero-like abilities on game day.
  • “The J-Train Express”: Hop aboard the J-Train Express and ride towards victory in your fantasy league by incorporating Julian Edelman’s nickname into your team name.
  • “Catch ’em Like Edelman”: Riffing off of the famous catchphrase associated with Pokemon; this whimsical team name pays homage to Julian Edelman’s knack for making spectacular grabs.

These names demonstrate admiration for one of the NFL’s finest receivers and inject some personality into your fantasy football experience. With these clever monikers leading you to victory, you can cheer on Julian Edelman while dominating your league standings.


In conclusion, creating creative and funny fantasy football names for your New England Patriots-themed team can be a fun way to show off your love for the team while adding some humor to the game.

Whether you’re a fan of Bill Belichick, Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski, or Julian Edelman, there are plenty of options to choose from that capture the spirit of the Patriots. So get creative and have fun with it!

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