Cincinnati Bengals Fantasy Football Names

Choosing the perfect fantasy football team name can be a fun yet challenging task for any Cincinnati Bengals fan. After all, your team’s moniker is your first impression of virtual gridiron glory.

This blog post is your playbook for hundreds of unique and clever Bengals-themed fantasy names. Stick around and explore this exciting collection that covers you from hilarious to historically infused options!

Best Cincinnati Bengals Fantasy Football Names

Fantasy team names add an extra layer of fun to the exciting world of fantasy football. For fans of the Cincinnati Bengals, there’s nothing more gratifying than incorporating their loyalty into a clever and unique title.

Let’s dive deep into some best Bengals fantasy football names that will score you points in your league this season.

‘Who Dey and The Blowfish’ is an absolute chart-topper regarding creative Bengals puns – fusing classic pop culture with the enthusiastic cheer slogan ‘Who Dey’! For Joe Burrow devotees, ‘Burrowed Time’ or ‘Joe’s Bengal Tigers’ exemplify admiration for the star quarterback while displaying an imaginative flair.

Similarly, Tee Higgins enthusiasts can go for ‘Tee Time’ or ‘Higgins Hitters.’ Tyler Boyd supporters might fancy ‘Boyd Meets World,’ blending nineties nostalgia with current player popularity.

Other top-notch options include “Dalton Abbey,” which mingles fan love for Andy Dalton with hit British drama series sentiment; similarly, “Mixon It Up” is another crowd-pleaser that throws a spotlight on running back Joe Mixon by adding a playful twist.

Finally, “Bengal Tigers at Large” combines city pride with tiger-themed appeal offering universal charm.

  • Burrowed in Touchdowns
  • Mixon It Up in the End Zone
  • Boyd’s Big Scoring Bash
  • Bengals Blitz Brigade
  • Higgins Hauling in TDs
  • Chasing Cheetah Chubb (if Nick Chubb from the Browns is on your fantasy team)
  • Cincy’s Gridiron Tigers
  • Bernard’s Red Zone Resurgence
  • Jungle Jumpmen
  • Tee Time Touchdowns
  • Bengals Bomb Squad
  • Auden Tate-tastic Touchdowns
  • Hooked on Hockenson (if T.J. Hockenson from the Lions is on your fantasy team)
  • Orange Crush Offense
  • Bullock’s Boomers (if Randy Bullock is the Bengals’ kicker)
  • Cincy’s End Zone Express
  • Sample the Red Zone
  • Bengals Backfield Barrage
  • Audacious Audibles
  • Cincinnati Sizzle Squad

Creative Bengals Fantasy Names

Looking for a creative name for your Cincinnati Bengals fantasy football team? Look no further! Here are some fun and unique options that will make your team stand out from the rest.

  • “Bengal Brawlers”: This name showcases the fierce nature of the Bengals while adding a touch of alliteration for a catchy sound.
  • “Stripe Squad”: Show your support for the Bengals with this clever play on their iconic tiger stripes.
  • “Gridiron Tigers”: Combine the spirit of football with the ferocity of tigers to create an attention-grabbing team name.
  • “Orange Crush”: Pay homage to the Bengals’ vibrant orange color and their ability to crush their opponents on the field.
  • “Jungle Juggernauts”: Embrace the wild side of football with this imaginative team name that captures both the jungle theme and competitive prowess of the Bengals.
  • “Roaring Receivers”: Highlighting Cincinnati’s talented wide receivers, this name is a perfect choice if you have players like Tee Higgins or Tyler Boyd on your fantasy roster.
  • “Endzone Predators”: Showcase your team’s ability to dominate in scoring touchdowns by selecting this powerful and intimidating team name option.
  • Bengal Brawlers
  • Cincinnati Striped Storm
  • Queen City Tigris
  • Jungle Fury Gridiron
  • Orange Crush Carnage
  • Feline Frenzy Football
  • Cincy Clawed Champions
  • Bengal Blitz Brigade
  • Cincinnati Swagger Cats
  • Roaring Riverfront Rivals
  • Tiger Town Titans
  • Ferocious Football Felines
  • Bengals’ Beast Mode
  • Jungle Juggernauts
  • Striped Showdown Squad
  • Cincinnati Cheshire Cats
  • Thunderous Tiger Tribe
  • The Gridiron Jungle Kings
  • Queen City Wildcats
  • Clawing for Victory

With these creative Bengal-themed names, you can showcase your love for fantasy football and one of the NFL’s most exciting teams.

Funny Bengals Fantasy Name Ideas

Looking for a hilarious and witty fantasy football team name to represent your love for the Cincinnati Bengals? Look no further! We’ve curated a list of funny Bengals-themed fantasy names to make you chuckle.

  • Bungling Bengals Bashers
  • Joe Burrow’s Tiger Roars
  • Mixon It Up with Fantasy Magic
  • A.J. Green’s Envy Squad
  • Boyd’s Bedlam Brigade
  • Who Dey Wonders of Fantasy
  • Tyler’s Tater Tots
  • CinCity Touchdown Follies
  • Burrowed in Fantasy Glory
  • Higgins’ Catchy Crew
  • Ickey Woods’ End Zone Dance Party
  • Gio’s Slippery Scramblers
  • Queen City Quarterback Quirks
  • Bengals’ Bumbling Bandits
  • Jungle Jokers of Fantasyland
  • The Red Rifle’s Air Show
  • Cincy Carnage and Chaos
  • Bengals’ Feline Fantasy Fiasco
  • Mixon’s Spin Cycle Warriors
  • Boyd’s Big Play Bonanza

From clever wordplay to puns, these team names will show off your sense of humor and devotion to the Bengals. Imagine using “Who Dey and the Blowfish” or “Tigerthemed Fantasy Football Names” as your team name – guaranteed laughs from your fellow league members! Whether you’re a long-time fan or new to the Bengals fandom, these funny fantasy names will add fun and excitement to your game.

So pick one that tickles your funny bone and let it bring some lightheartedness into this competitive season. Who dey think they gonna beat them now?

Bengals Fantasy Names from History

If you’re a fan of the Cincinnati Bengals and want to give your fantasy football team a historical twist, look no further. The team’s rich history inspires plenty of great Bengal fantasy names.

From legendary players to memorable moments, these names will add a touch of nostalgia to your fantasy roster.

One option is “The Ickey Shuffle Squad,” paying homage to former Bengals running back Ickey Woods and his famous touchdown celebration dance. Another idea is “Boomer’s Bombers,” named after Boomer Esiason, one of the greatest quarterbacks in Bengals’ history.

For fans who appreciate defense, consider “The Mike Zimmer Zone,” in honor of former Bengals defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer. Or go even further back in time with “Pearson Pick-Sixers,” as a nod to Ken Riley, an accomplished cornerback who holds the team record for interceptions.

These historical-inspired fantasy names showcase your knowledge and love for the team and add a unique flair that sets your squad apart from others in your league. So why not embrace the legacy of greatness that defines the Cincinnati Bengals and choose a fantasy name that reflects their storied past?

  • Bengal Blitzkrieg
  • Jungle Legends
  • Gridiron Tigers
  • Cincinnati Stripes
  • Boomer’s Brigade
  • Jungle Warfare
  • Palmer’s Passmasters
  • Ickey’s End Zone Dance
  • Cincy Thundercats
  • The Bengal Dynasty
  • Munoz’s O-Line Dominators
  • Cincinnati Big Cats
  • Green’s Fantasy Gems
  • Bengals Bygones
  • Dalton’s A.J. Connection
  • Bengal Brawlers
  • Cincinnati Catnip
  • Rudi’s Running Riot
  • Bengal Bounce Backs
  • Ocho Cinco’s Showtime Squad

Bengals Fantasy Names from Readers

Have you ever wondered what creative and unique fantasy team names other Cincinnati Bengals fans have come up with? In this section, we’ll showcase some of the best Bengal fantasy football names, as suggested by our readers.

These names are sure to add a touch of personalization and flair to your fantasy team.

One reader suggestion is “Who Dey Dynasty,” which combines the famous Bengals rallying cry, “Who Dey,” with the idea of building a dominant dynasty in fantasy football. Another interesting choice is “Bengals Blitzkrieg,” which reflects the speed and intensity of the Bengals’ playing style.

For those looking for something more lighthearted, one reader came up with “Gridiron Gangsters,” a playful nod to the team’s tough image on defense. Another fun option is “Tiger Stripes Allstars,” referencing the iconic stripes on the Bengals’ uniforms while conveying a sense of excellence and skill.

Our readers have showcased their creativity in naming their fantasy teams after their beloved Cincinnati Bengals. Whether aiming for an intimidating moniker or something whimsical, there’s no shortage of inspiration from fellow fans who share your passion for all things orange and black.

So go ahead and choose a name that resonates with you – it’s time to show off your fandom and dominate your league with a winning Bengals-themed fantasy team!


In conclusion, creating creative and catchy fantasy football names for the Cincinnati Bengals can excite your game. From funny puns to clever plays on words, there are endless possibilities to showcase your team spirit.

Whether you choose a name that honors Bengal’s history or submit your own ideas, make sure it reflects fantasy football’s competitive and fun nature. So get named, and let the games begin!

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